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How to attract and empower women at the workplace?

I recently discussed on the panel at the startup GoEuro how to attract and empower women at today’s workplace. A pretty straight forward topic you might think. Obviously women are very different and individual but there are some common themes I have noticed which can support women’s empowerment at work.

Know yourself & your needs as a woman

Before you expect a company or anyone to empower you in any area, it is your responsibility as a woman to know yourself, to know your needs and shortcomings / areas in which you wish more support for.

What do you truly want - not what does the society and culture expect of you.

Have you taken the time to connect with your inner voice and communicated it? Men cannot read your mind.

As a recruiter, I ask a lot of women for their salary expectation and most of them say 20% less than the men for the same position. It starts with you, as a woman, to know your worth and demand more. Not to wait for the HR negotiator to offer you 20% more out of nowhere.

Stop being the better men

As women we need to stop competing with men.

Dressing like men in suits, acting with their body language and using their techniques. You will always loose as a women or disconnect from your body and needs.

And the emasculation of men has to end. Instead, women should establish sisterhood. Support each other, create their own networks and uplift each other. And it takes time and inner work to remove the beliefs of society that women are inherently in competition with each other (Hello Germany Next Top Model).

So stop competing with both - men and women and stay true to your own path.

Flexible work conditions

The biggest game changer in women empowerment at the workplace is in my opinion flexible working hours and home office options. According to a recent study - only 16% of German employees are working (partly) in home office.

We can all agree, that it is time to get rid off of the competition ‘face time - who stays the longest at the office’ and offer some modern solutions such as home office options or flexible working hours in jobs that allows working digital. That would support mothers and their child-care and is a chance to truly work according to your needs instead of some out-dated 9-5pm. The focus should be shifted on delivered results, rewarding them and not time wasted at the office.

Linking the work schedule around the female hormonal cycle #bio-hack

As this Forbes Article points out correctly: ‘Female hormonal cycles have natural and predictable fluctuations that affect mood, energy and cognition….by synching our professional life to our females cycle it allows us to be more efficient, productive and to stay in peak creative flow.’

I personally was able to deeply know my needs and cycle when I was self-employed in 2016 and able to create my own work schedule. I quite quickly came to notice that I enjoy a lunch yoga break which boots my creativity, have a low at 4-5pm and another high performance peak between 9-10pm. The 9-5pm simply doesn’t work for me to bring out my best performance.

I am lucky enough to work 4 days per week with my performance measured by results and not time I waste at the office.

If you want to empower women at the workplace, make them feel seen, heard, understand and valued. That’s a simple and great start.

Thank you, Tim Woitinek for creating a flexible and motivating work environment in which I can thrive, your continuous empowering support and for putting your trust in me.


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