• Johanna

How to reach flow-state at work

Increased motivation, effectiveness and efficiency through flow.


We all know this:

Time flies by, the challenges seem as small as never before, everything goes just the way we want it and all our goals are easily reached.

And then: Boom. A negative result smashes us back to the ground and pushes us out of focus for weeks or even months. 

Suddenly we start to question everything:


Was it just luck? Was that really me, who performed that outstanding? What was going on with me at that time? How could I do this?


The answer is pretty simple. You were in a flow-state. Flow is an elevated state of mind, in which the ability to concentrate as well as the mental and physical performance increases enormously. Flow allows you to fully immerse yourself in an activity.


We've all experienced this feeling before, whether it's on the sports field, a walk, a discussion or at our job.

Even when there are many different ways to reach the flow state, I’ve had very good experiences with 3 techniques that I constantly use:


1. Clear and SMART Goals – Reward your accomplishments and visualize them everyday, no matter how small they may seem. The dopamine hit you get from accomplishing tasks helps you to keep on going from one challenge to the next. As you stack tasks, your excitement and flow can grow exponentially.


2. Autotelic/Intrinsic Drive – When you’re working towards your own goals (not someone else’s), you feel an intrinsic motivation. Autotelic personalities seek challenging, high-reward activities. Autotelic means self-goal. By seeking empowerment and freedom, you can turn on your full mind’s potential to invest in your work and your goals.


3. Take Action!

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