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Meet our new colleague: Michael Artur Gorecki

I want to tell you a little story about myself and how positive thinking has changed my life for ever. 

I wasn’t always a positive thinker. The majority of people around me were always complaining about their lives no matter, if their career was going well or they were earning a good salary or just came back from holidays.

I thought that was just normal and continued day in day out listening to them and was noticing that I was adapting their negativity and wasn’t really happy in my life.

So, finally I made up my mind and knew it was time for a massive change because I didn’t want to live like that. So I left…


I left Germany, I left everything behind me. I was on a mission to explore what else the world has to offer to me.


I was on the way to Australia on my own and didn’t know what happens next.

That was the moment when I was so excited that suddenly my mind switched into positivity. And since then good things started to happen…In a nutshell, I’ve learned two new languages, I became an English teacher, a restaurant manager, a sales person and a business owner.


I’ve made friends in Australia and Asia and got inspired by the rich and the poor, experienced the high life in Singapore and the low life in traditional huts in Indonesia sleeping on the ground without having hot water or electricity.

I have learned to be grateful and patient and staying positive in every situation.

Since my return back home, after four years of traveling (initially I planned to travel for one year) I believe that positive thinking truly has changed my life.


Today I know, that you are able to attract positive energy trough positive thinking. And that attracts more positivity and people with a positive mindset.


Today as a new team-member of skill-fisher, I can feel the same excitement that I had on my flight to Australia four years ago. I've never worked in such a great environment before.


Always remember: positivity attracts positivity! Here’s what I want to share with you:


- Think positive - it will lead you to your goals

- Believe in yourself. Know you can do it.

- Say no to naysayers.

- Work hard.

- Be patient.

- Be open to new things.

- Give something back.

Please feel free to get in touch if you want to know more about me, skill-fisher, our current jobs or business opportunities.



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