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The success principles for Female Entrepreneurs

Ever since I failed in 2016 - as nine out of ten startups in Berlin - with my first business Marablue Activewear, I have become curious and eager to learn what it takes to start and run a business as a female entrepreneur successfully. Best way to create role models and network in this field has proven to host workshops (my own series is called fem.couraged) where I invite brilliant female entrepreneurs on stage to share their skills and stories.


Beginning of October 2018, I was invited to host an exclusive workshop for female entrepreneurs at the Entrepreneurship Summit 2018 at the Freie Universität in Berlin in front more than 100 participants. As the topic I have chosen ‘Success Principles for Female Entrepreneurs’ and invited my favourite speakers and kickass business women Pooja Lankers, Lilli Neumeister and Diana Rees to share their stories and experiences from setting up content management startups, e-commerce and blockchain businesses.


To sum up the success principles they came up with:


* If anything, starting a company is a personal growth journey, the business is an extension of yourself- your fears, passions, belief system and strengths - they will all surface and show up


* Choose a supportive environment and team and keep your distance to negative people who are projecting their own fears onto you


*  Listen to your intuition (but check the numbers too)

* Pick a co-founder (and sparring partner) with a complimentary skill-set


* Find a mentor


* Go for big and disruptive dreams and ideas - that keep you busy and motivated from Monday to Sunday and at hard times -Think big, be ambitious, don't waste time on low-scale ideas!


* Don't overthink it, take action and try (lean startup), be pro-active. JUST DO IT!!!


The workshop was recorded (in German) and the full video can be found here:


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