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What Cyber Security means for your business and why it becomes more important than ever!

Cyber Security has become an important topic for businesses worldwide, as the threat of cybercrime to businesses is on the rise. The damages associated with Cyber Crime stands at 71,4 Million Euro, up from 50,9 Mill. Euro only two years ago and especially small to medium sized companies are more likely to get attacked by hackers as they often don’t want or cannot invest a lot of money for security services. The consequences can cost you not only money but customers as well!

They can lose trust in your company and decide to spend their money elsewhere where they feel their personal information is more safe.

Companies with huge amounts of personal data can be targeted with ransomware that denies access to precious files. Hackers demand money to unlock files, knowing that companies are likely to pay to get their files back.

Further, with a higher amount of IoT devices hackers are able to take control even of your IoT gadgets that are becoming common in offices.

Each IoT device can provide hackers with a way into your business, when it’s connected to the internet. Hackers are constantly developing new strategies to fool your employees into giving up passwords or clicking on links. They are constantly changing their tactics.

For the future, the best you can do to avoid cyber attacks and data-, customer- and money-loss, is to be more aware! 

Here are 10 things you can do to protect your computer systems from theft or damage to your hardware and software:

1. Educate your employees on the dangers of unsecured networks

2. Employing white-hat hackers to stay ahead of potential risks

3. Know what is sensitive data and what’s not

4. Protect all devices with a complicated password and change it regularly 

5. Install ‘find my device’ software on all laptops, tablets, smartphones, so stolen equipment can quickly be located

6. Encrypt and backup sensitive data and storing it separately to avoid ransomware

7. Update all devices to the latest software 

8. Invest in cyber security insurance

9. Teach avoidance of unsecured websites

10. Create a security focused workplace culture

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